Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Glendale Galleria Indoor Playground

U. and I tried the indoor playground at the Glendale Galleria when Astrid was much younger, and within 5 minutes of being there one kid tried to hug her and made her fall while another kid ran by and kicked her in the head. But recently another mom in Astrid's toddler gymnastics class mentioned how she takes her daughter to the Glendale Galleria indoor playground and how nice it is. So I thought okay I'll try it again on a week day (when it might not be so busy), and now that Astrid is a bit older.

Unfortunately we experienced more of the same. A bunch of unruly, wild kids running, jumping, rolling, and shrieking, from one end of the playground to the other. I would not recommend that anyone take their kids there. It's dangerous. I had to be Astrid's bodyguard and literally block other kids from crashing into her while shouting, "Watch out for the baby!" Also, there are big kids in there who rough house and do not care if they crush, kick, or run over a baby. I saw one kid who looked to be 8. They should have an age limit in there, or have a separate section for the younger kids. But in any case the behavior I saw in there is not something that I want Astrid replicating, so I won't be taking her back there.

But I did get some pics in between blocking and trying to keep Astrid out of harm's way.
Astrid's new whiny face. It quickly turns into a laugh if you copy the silly face.

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