Monday, July 16, 2007

Astrid has 18 teeth

I haven't posted about Astrid's teeth in awhile. Two new molars came through for a total of 18 teeth (at 2 years old). Nine on the top and nine on the bottom (with no gaps in between).It's harder to see her new teeth coming in because they're all in the back now. So I get the occasional glimpse when she's laughing, eating, or when I'm brushing her teeth.

Recently she told me her teeth hurt and I massaged her gums and jaw - and that gave her some relief for the teething. As soon as I stopped Astrid said, "Again! Again Mama!" I just have to be careful that she doesn't bite my finger.

On another note - her bottom teeth have spaces between them. It's good that they're not crowded - she has room for the other teeth that are coming in - but on the downside she gets food stuck in them all the time. "Mama, teeth..teeth!", Astrid says as she shows me her teeth. That's my cue to take the napkin and get the food out of her teeth. Most of the time that does the trick, but for whatever I can't get out - the electric toothbrush does wonders.


Amy said...

We don't have our two year molars yet. Was it very painful for her when they came through?

Rose said...

Astrid was a trooper with all of her teeth, so I dunno if it was painful or just a lot of discomfort. One tell tale sign was a lot of drooling beforehand. But since she's older she doesn't take her teething toys anymore. But when she does find a toy that she chews on - like her plastic shark - I let her b/c I know it helps relieve the soreness in her gums.

Arabelle Mccuen said...

Astrid is so adorable! I'm sure she's still cute even when she complains about her teeth hurting. It's just unfortunate that she had to go through that. Well, just tell her that she's gonna experience a lot more when she gets older. That might convince her to take care of her teeth as early as now.