Monday, July 16, 2007

Bubbles, bubbles, making bubbles

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mimi said...

Aaaw. Astrid is so gorgeous and I love her name!

I think the SB wine tours sound great - a driver is a must. I do not know much about organic wineries down there...unfortunately.

I love Branders: BEST sauvignon blanc and excellent cab. HE names his wines after his children.

I love Rideau: for a funky fresh New Orleans style experience, and the tempranillo is delish.

I love Buttonwood: They have a peach farm on premise and good wines.

I do not really like Firestone or Curtis...sort of bland big winery b.s.

I like sunstone and artesa for small case production wines.

Also, Los Olivos Cafe for dinner or happy hour is a must!

Cheers : )