Saturday, December 31, 2005

Astrid's 1st sleepover

Astrid had her first sleepover at Mara's house. Mara and Astrid were born just 3 days apart. Here's a photo of Astrid and Mara playing together.
Originally for New Year's Eve Uwe and I were going to share a babysitter with another couple who had a baby, but at the last minute the couple decided not to go citing the reason being the wife is pregnant again. So that meant we would have to pay the babysitter $300 to stay in our hotel room in Downtown LA while Astrid slept. I mentioned this to Julie (Mara's mommy) who was also planning on going to the same NYE event in LA that we were, and she offered to have Astrid stay over at their place where her in-laws and her dad would be staying and could take care of Astrid overnight. Her mother-in-law was looking forward to playing with the babies.
So we canceled the babysitter and sent her a check for $100 to be fair.

I knew Astrid was in good hands but I still called at 6 PM to see how Astrid was doing because she had been a little fussier than usual. Julie's dad answered the phone and said that Julie's mother-in-law was upstairs running Astrid's bath. He had Astrid in his arms and I could hear her. (After her bath and bottle she went right to sleep and slept through the night.)

Thank you so much Julie! And please thank your dad and your mother-in-law again for taking such great care of Astrid!

In 2006 Julie and I are going to schedule a weekly play date for Astrid & Mara, and will also take advantage of the free babysitting swap so that each of us can go out to the movies, dinner, or concert once in awhile. Julie's also interested in signing Mara and herself up for mommy & me swim classes at the YMCA, so that would be fun as well if the girls could be in the same swim class together.

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