Friday, December 16, 2005

Grandpa loves Astrid

Here is a sweet photo of Astrid with my dad.

Today we went over to my parents' house so I could help my dad with some computer problems he was having.

It's a wonderful thing to see your parent(s) and your child interacting. The one that gave you life and the one you gave life to.

My dad is enjoying it too and feels blessed to be a grandpa twice over. (My brother has a 3 year old daughter, Brazienna.)

Jeannie at Put It In Writing has a touching post about becoming a grandmother, "You can call me Granny". She writes, "It is a marvelous thing, seeing the child of your child."

I know my dad has a special place in his heart for Astrid and I hope as she gets older and gets to spend more time with her grandpa that she forms a special bond with him a well.


Karissa (mommy) said...

That picture is very sweet.

I'm glad Astrid is able to know your dad. I'm very thankful that Isabella knows her grandparents as well. I couldn't imagine raising her without my mom and Doug's dad in her life.

Amy said...

My husband has reminded me several times how incredible it must be for my parents to see me, their eldest, with my own babies. It brings tears to my eyes every time we talk about it.