Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bye bye bassinet

Yes, the day has finally come for the bassinet to join the land of "outgrown baby stuff" in the garage. Tonight I laid her down in her bassinet and noticed that her legs were bent and she couldn't fully stretch out her legs. (Just last night we realized the same thing with a night bunty of hers that's for 6-9 months.)

As new parents that bassinet was a life saver with it's vibration that would lull the baby to sleep, the canopy that would keep the light out and keep the heat in, the music, mobile, etc. But luckily we've been planning for this day and she can sleep just fine now in a crib. You can see from this pic that she's a tall baby with long legs. We have a pediatrician's appointment on 12/21 so we'll find out what her current height is then.

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