Sunday, December 11, 2005

Brunch @ Alcove

Today we had brunch at Alcove, a shabby-chic cafe on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. The description written by City Search:

"Narrow brick pathways wind through a maze of tables in this outdoor haven for sleepy screenwriters and other local hipsters. The garden features shaded tables under big green umbrellas, where customers wait with their order number. Dishes include classic cobb salad with Point Reyes blue cheese and applewood smoked bacon, or grilled sandwiches such as the Brie and apple panini made with Granny Smiths and caramelized onions."I was leery about the "order at the counter first" and then find seating for yourself, but I had read another review that said it actually "works" (as opposed to really long lines). The first time we tried the restaurant there was a huge line so we decided to go elsewhere. This time there was still a long line (although shorter than last time). So I don't know if it really "works" but the food is good and it has a nice outdoor courtyard. I got a spinach puff halved with a slice of tomato and scrambled eggs on top with melted aged Vermont cheddar cheese and fresh fruit. I also got a side of apple smoked bacon. (Normally I pass on bacon but when it's apple smoked I can't resist!) Uwe got the 2 eggs with potatoes and bacon, with a side of pancakes.Our little ray of sunshine is happy sitting at the table in her stroller.

They also have a wine and cheese shop next door, which you can see the entrance to behind Astrid.

The food is good but I probably won't go back unless the restaurant is pretty empty. Which probably won't happen for a long time. The place is just not baby friendly, as the tables are very close together, there is no ramp to get up to the next level to order (only stairs), and there are long lines. But I'm glad we got a chance to check it out as I've been hearing a lot about this new restaurant.

We also ran into Uwe's coworker Ingrid who is 8 months pregnant. Dr. Porter (who delivered Astrid) will also be delivering her baby. Funny thing is we bumped into Ingrid and her husband and Ingrid said to Astrid, "you are so cute" not realizing who she was. Uwe looked up and saw Ingrid and said, "You don't recognize her from her pictures on the blog do you?" And of course we all had to laugh as recognition donned on all of us. Astrid is famous in our circle of influence. =)

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