Friday, December 30, 2005

Decisions decisions decisions

Today we spent another day looking at houses. We've spent all of Uwe's winter vacation searching for another home to move into by the end of January, following the sale of our home. It feels like the search for the holy grail. Rent prices are outrageous right now in the LA area and we have yet to find a suitable house for our family.

Today at noon was the deadline for the buyer. The buyer missed the deadline and then faxed in a long list of demands. Our answer was "no", and we took the deal off the table. As soon as the buyer heard that, he signed all the contingency forms and sent them to our real estate agent saying he really wanted the house.

To sell or not to sell. That is the question.

We're going to celebrate the New Year and make a decision by Monday or Tuesday.

Here is Astrid sitting on Uwe's shoulders.

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