Sunday, December 18, 2005

Our little angel isn't feeling well

Astrid is sick and isn't quite herself today.
She doesn't have a lot of interest in playing with toys, and she's lethargic. I fed her some baby food today (carrots) and she only ate about half of what she usually does, so there's a definite appetite loss as well. Plus her sweet smiles are missing. =(

Uwe has been sick for the past week (not sure if it's a bad cold or the flu) and has been really good about washing his hands constantly, using antibacterial wipes, and purell hand sanitizer before touching the baby. But Astrid still came down with something. She has a fever that comes and goes and a runny nose. All she wants to do is be held by me so she can lay her head on my shoulder.

It breaks my heart to see her sick.

Uwe tried to find some holistic medicines for Astrid at Whole Foods, but everything they have is for 1 year old and older kids. So for now, we are giving her Tylenol to help with the fever and body aches so she can sleep.

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Amy said...

Both of mine have the snotty nose/can't breathe/low fever thing right now. I feel like I'm getting newborn sleep again because they wake up, like, every 30 minutes because they can't breathe.

Hope Astrid feels much better soon.