Sunday, December 04, 2005

Astrid's 1st spoon feeding

Today Astrid received her first spoon feeding. Her meal consisted of 2 tablespoons of organic rice cereal mixed with formula.

She opened her mouth right on cue and took the spoon full of food. Airplane sounds weren't required. But I was doing the whole "opening my mouth really wide" thing, while making the "Ahhhh" sound. (Hey that's how I got her to open her mouth to take her bottle so don't works!) In addition to taking photos with our digital camera, Uwe also had our video camera out and was recording me feeding Astrid. His director's comments included, "Rose close your mouth. Just for a little bit." I have yet to watch the video. I'm sure I will cringe when I see myself, but I'm glad we we have video footage of this memorable moment. After a while the novelty of me being so excited and all the praise I was heaping on Astrid was wearing off and she started making the "icky face" at the consistency of the food.

After a little bit we switched and Uwe spoon fed Astrid, while I recorded. As soon as he saw her food in the bowl (think watery paste) he said, "What is this sh*t? I wouldn't eat it either." I've got it all on tape. Astrid can never say her dad minces his words. Diluted rice cereal may not be pretty or tasty but it's easy on the baby's new digestive system.

Uwe has a cold and isn't feeling well, but he didn't want to miss this. He was a trooper and now we have photos and a video footage of both of us feeding her.

Astrid still needs to learn not to bite down on her spoon, but I'm sure that will come with time. She was definitely ready to start eating solids. She finished about half the bowl. After a week of cereal I will start introducing organic peas to her diet.


Cliff said...

Are you able to put video on your blog? That'd be cute to watch! Maybe 10 seconds or so . . .

Rose said...

Blogspot doesn't have that feature yet. I'm sure I can find another site that does and post a link, but I'm not into public humiliation. =P

And what kid eats in 10 seconds?

April said...

I've always just loved Astrid's smile. She is such a beautiful baby. Everytime I see a picture her face is just lit up and you can see how happy she is.

Karissa (mommy) said...

Woo hoo for spoon feeding! It's so much fun to try new foods. Although there's times that I wish Isabella still drank from a bottle. You know, the days that I'm too lazy to think of anything to make for lunch. ;)

I'm amazed at how much Astrid ate too. We started feeding Isabella rice cereal at around 4 months I think, and she didn't do very well with it the first week. Then she went to my mom's for the weekend, and came back eating it like a pro. Sometimes I think that 4 months was too early, but when the doctor gives you the "ok", I guess that's all you need.

Rose said...


We started giving Astrid rice cereal at 4 months also, but only in her bottle at her last feeding to help her sleep through the night. Our Pediatrician told us to start with a tablespoon so we did and it was hard for her to digest. Subsequently I read that you should start with only a teaspoon and then gradually add more.