Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Changing table chronicles

Astrid is so much more active and animated, especially on the changing table. Astrid studying her hands. This is when her hands aren't busy grabbing for diapers or baby wipes.Curled up in a ball. I love it when she does this. She looks like a little cupid doll.Studying her foot. She loves to kick and grab her feet. Getting a diaper and clothes on her when she's kicking away is tough. As Murphy's Law would have it, many of her karate kicks have landed squarely on my injured wrist. Ouch!Trying to sit up. It doesn't do any good to make her lie back down, because she keeps trying to sit up. So now when I change her clothes I do it while letting her sit up on her own.Turning on her side. She loves to roll around on the changing table. There are straps to keep her pinned down, but I haven't used them yet. I just stay closeby at all times to make sure she's safe.

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