Monday, December 12, 2005

1st taste of peas

Today for lunch Astrid tasted peas for the first time. I debated for a long time on what "baby food" I should start with and peas seemed like a good vegetable of choice. The baby food jar of organic peas is extra tiny for baby's first peas. For now it's good for 2 servings.Astrid is waiting patiently while I prepare her lunch. Preparation includes popping open a jar of baby food, stirring the contents, scooping some out into a bowl, and filling up a bottle with water. I wish all meal preparations were this easy. It was recommended to get a rubber tipped spoon (for baby's sensitive gums) and a bowl with a suction cup on the bottom of it (so that baby can't tip it over or fling it across the room). We have 2 rubber tipped spoons - one with an extra long handle for us to use when feeding the baby, and one with a curved handle for the baby to hold. I think the suction cup on the bottom of the bowl will come in handy when Astrid starts feeding herself, but for now I rarely use it as it's more convenient to just hold the bowl away from her so she focuses on the spoonful of food (and not the bowl). Astrid really didn't like the peas. The flavor must have seemed overpowering going from tasteless formula and rice cereal to peas. So I don't know if it was the taste of the peas she didn't like or if it was tasting vegetables for the first time. She ate about 3/4 of what I wanted to feed her, but in between each spoonful she would start getting the gag reflex. I had images of green vomit spewing all over the place, as in the Exorcist. So each time she started to gag I gave her some water from her bottle, which seemed to help. Thank goodness she was able to keep it all down. An hour later she was still hungry so I gave her 4 ounces of formula.

Everything I've read says to stick with one food for a week to see if your baby has any allergies to it, before introducing different foods. But since she had such a bad reaction to the peas and she almost threw up after every spoonful, I think I will try another colored vegetable such as winter squash or carrots.


Karissa (mommy) said...

It's funny seeing what foods one baby likes compared to the next.

Isabella hated carrots, and that was the first one we tried feeding her. She loved peas and especially sweet potatoes though. She would eat an entire jar of them if I had let her. Sometimes though it seemed like we just had to keep trying the foods that Isabella didn't initially like right away, over and over again. I think it just takes them a few tries before they get used to the taste and figure out it's not so bad to eat.

Although, Isabella still doesn't like bread very much, so who knows. I'm just rambling, so I'll stop now. :)

Rose said...

Thanks for your comments Karissa. It always helps to hear about another mom's & baby's experiences.

Jewels said...

Hey Rose,

Mara was the same way. She now loves peas. We had to just keep trying it over and over again. Our doctor said to not introduce antoher veggie until we had tried the same one over a couple attempts. So, after about 3-4 times, she loved them. Now, her favs are carrots, green beans and she loves applesauce and pears.

Hope it goes well. Don't give up yet. Give Astrid hugs and kisses.

Love ya guys,
Julie, Jason and Mara Jade

Jeannie said...

It's OK Astrid--I'm still not real fond of peas either.