Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock

Today we decided to try The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock. We love the one in Silver Lake, so we decided to try out this one on Colorado Blvd.Both have handmade custom tables with mosaic tiles and wrought iron done by the furniture store Further on Sunset Blvd. The furniture store is owned by a nice couple. The husband does all the labor and the wife runs the store. The last time we were at Further, they had a little kid and the wife was pregnant with another baby on the way. We have several pieces of furniture by them in our house. This Coffee Table has historical memorabilia of Eagle Rock including old photographs of the city, street signs, etc. It was interesting to see that Eagle Rock used to have cable cars going down the middle of Colorado Blvd. If they only had them now! It would be so convenient.

This Coffee Table has food and coffee/tea, but overall the ambiance is better at the one in Silver Lake.

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