Saturday, December 03, 2005

In preparation for starting solids

In preparation for starting to feed Astrid solid foods, we went to The Right Start today to purchase a high chair. Originally we thought we'd get a Svan high chair for Astrid because we liked that it was solid wood and looked like a nice piece of furniture. But when we saw the high chair in the store, the wood looked cheap and the tray did not pop on and off, but was screwed into the chair (just not practical). In the end we decided it wasn't worth the $200+ price tag.

So the quest for a nice high chair continues...

In the interim we purchased a Fisher Price booster seat for Astrid. She was sitting in it tonight and was able to tip it forward several times. The base is just not heavy enough (even though it says you can use it for your baby up to 45 lbs) and it's not safe. I'm going to return it on Monday and see if I can find a store that sells the same booster seat that we used in Montana (The First Years). We didn't have the tipping problem with that seat since it was heavier and studier. We also purchased some soft tipped baby spoons, bowls with suction cups at the bottom, a bib with a pocket at the bottom to catch messes, and a mesh fruit pacifier thingamabob.

We're going to start spoon feeding Astrid rice cereal diluted with formula and then move on to feeding her peas and carrots. Everything I've read says to try one thing for a week or two to see if your baby has any allergies to it and then introducing different foods. And there seems to be a debate about what baby foods are best to start with. Some say start with fruits because they are sweeter and you'll avoid difficulties getting your baby to eat, while others say start with veggies because if you give them sweet tasting foods first they won't eat their vegetables. I don't know which is correct but I'm sticking with the veggies first.


Karissa (mommy) said...

I don't know who's right about the veggie/fruit thing either. The first couple things we gave Isabella were veggies, but they smelled so I started giving her fruits right away too. She pretty much ate whatever she liked and it didn't seem to matter if it was a veggie or fruit. I do lean more towards starting them with veggies though... :)

Peter said...

This Svan chair looks weird ... dangerous ... we are very happy with Stokke's Trip Trap chair (called KinderZeat in the US) you can see it here
it is and looks very sturdy and grows with the kid.

And i am so happy that Julius is a big veggies fan. Especially brocolli !

Have also fun with the new sensation that comes with diaper changes ones she is on solids :)