Monday, December 12, 2005

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back

Astrid has a large shoebox filled with toys that she plays with on a daily basis. If you have kids you know that in a short period of time toys can take over the house. I usually dole out the toys one at a time and put them away as soon as she becomes bored with each one. It's a good way to keep the house tidy.Being the curious kid that she is, as soon as she noticed the closed box lying nearby she quickly wiggled and rolled over to it, knocked off the lid, peered over the edge and plundered like a pirate with newfound treasure.

She's not even crawling yet but she's still able to roll over to the closet, open it and pull out the contents inside. Once she starts crawling she's sure to be into everything. My dad came to visit today. Astrid was playing on her activity mat on the ground next to us when she spotted Grandpa's foot and got all excited and flipped around to get a closer look.
My dad exclaimed, "She grabbed onto my foot!" It startled him and we both started laughing.
I had to explain to him that Astrid loves feet (and hands). My best explanation for this is that she likes the shape.

My dad would clap his hands and wiggle his fingers while Astrid stared intently at his hands and then she would let out a giggle. She loves to hold things in her hands, turn it around, and just study it. I have a feeling she will be an inquisitive child. I better start studying that book, "Everything you need to know about everything" to get myself ready for the stream of questions.And then of course everything goes in her mouth for further study. (Luckily that doesn't include my dad's foot. I made sure of it. Haha.)

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Shane said...

Fair oldest son never did crawl. He just rolled where ever he wanted to go right up until he started walking! You're a cutie, Astrid.