Friday, December 23, 2005

Astrid enjoys a day at the office

Uwe brought Astrid with him to the office today.

Last night I washed her outfit (a pink long sleeved shirt, white pants, and pink socks from Baby Gap) for her to wear today. I wanted Astrid to be comfortable (not too hot, not too cold).

In the morning Uwe brought Astrid into our bedroom where I was still sleeping and said, "It's time for the inspection." I had to laugh because I just wanted to see her in her new outfit. But then when I saw these pics I cringed when I saw the yellow bib with ducks on it that didn't match her outfit. I thought it was only and white and white I didn't mention it. I guess only a mom notices/cares about little details like that.
Astrid sitting in Uwe's Aeron chair ready to make an executive decision.
"A piece of cake. Nothing to it. When do I get my own office?"Uwe brought the booster seat to work with him so that Astrid could sit and play with her toys while he worked.
During the day I checked in to see how everything was going. Uwe said that Astrid took a nap in her stroller and just woke up and was sitting on her throne.

Astrid loved the attention she received from the female coworkers.

It felt strange in the house without Astrid. The house felt so empty and it was unusually quiet.Uwe was showing me the photos he took of his day with Astrid. When he came to this one he started saying, "this was so funny" while I was thinking "dangerous!" The booster seat is on top of the stroller's canopy and Astrid is pulling on the seat's strap that's hanging down.

There are times when Uwe throws Astrid up in the air and I say, "Be careful!" to which Uwe responds, "Oh you don't want to know all the things we do. When you're not around I throw her really high up in the air. She loves it!" And he's right, seeing things like this make me nervous. I know that studies show father's play rougher with babies and it's good for the baby's development, but I'd rather not be in the room when it's happening. That's just me.

Uwe enjoyed bringing Astrid to work and Astrid enjoyed her day at the office with her daddy as well.


Jewels said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean about the bib and "dangerous" things. I go throught it with Jason. I usually lay her clothes out and think he can handle the bib, but now I just lay out the whole outfit. LOL

He does play a little rough w/her at times. I have to walk away or tell him to be careful.

He says we're just wierd women! LOL
Merry Christmas!

Rose said...

I had to laugh when I read your comment. It was like dejavu.