Friday, December 23, 2005

DWP Light Festival in Griffith Park

The DWP (Department of Water and Power) sponsors an annual holiday light festival in Griffith Park each year. This year was their 10th annual event. Here is a photo of the welcoming arch.

The Light Festival is free and the display of lights goes on for one mile. According to the DWP website it "has become a holiday tradition that attracts more than half million visitors each year." You can drive through or walk along a dirt path on the side. The Los Angeles DWP holiday tree.

Uwe and I try to go every year. This year was the first year with the baby. Driving through the tunnel of lights. The Los Angeles City Hall. DeWapPoSaurus & Volcano.The Venice boardwalk. (For those of you who've never been to Venice Beach, there's an outdoor Gold's gym right on the boardwalk where you can see the body builders lifting weights.) Surfers surfing the waves at Venice Beach.The Vincent Thomas Bridge.

I wasn't able to get photos of all the light displays as big trucks and SUVs were sometimes in the way. A few of the pics are ones I found on google images.

About halfway through I hopped into the backseat with Astrid to point out the different displays to her. Afterall, the whole point of going this year was for Astrid to see and enjoy the light festival for the first time. The Giffith Park Observatory. The Observatory has undergone extensive renovation and has been closed for 5 years. It's scheduled to open again in 2006. City lights, skyline of Downtown Los Angeles.The Los Angeles International Airport.A team of horses pulling a wagon. Although the photo doesn't capture it, the lights alternate to make it look like the horses are walking. This is one of my favorites. This and the western themed ones with the Cowboys & Indians.Another horse and wagon with cowboys and cactus. Cowboys standing around a campfire.Buffalo on a hillside with an American Indian standing in front of them with a bow and arrow. You can see the teepees in the distance.An elf putting a star on top of the Christmas tree.The Hollywood Bowl.
Hockey at the Staples Center. Disneyland.Santa turning on the lights.Animals at the LA Zoo.The Statue of Liberty and the American Flag at the end of the Light Festival.

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