Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday brunch @ a friend's house

Our friend Chris initially invited us over to his place for dinner, but now that we have established Astrid's bedtime at 7 PM, it's not feasible for us to go out in the evening without a sitter. So rather than dinner, Chris prepared a lovely brunch for us and we brought the champagne. What a beautiful spread huh? Thank you Chris and Kawena!

I didn't get a photo of Chris' girlfriend Kawena but if you look closely, you can see her skirt and legs in the background. She's holding Astrid. Astrid really took to her quickly. That was nice to see. Astrid's getting to that age where she can tell the difference between people she knows and strangers. There have been times when Astrid and I have been at the grocery store and Astrid will look at the grocery bagger and immediately start crying. It's good to know that this doesn't apply to all strangers, and Astrid is comfortable with some people. Here is Chris presenting his homemade casserole. I like how he's using his spatula as a prop. Doesn't he have an uncanny resemblance to Jim Carrey? Random thought inserted here....
Last year at Thanksgiving Chris introduced us to pumpkin pie ice cream. Oh my goodness, forget the pie, pumpkin pie ice cream is thee best Thanksgiving dessert. It's delicious and refreshing and the perfect compliment to a turkey dinner. Random thought I know, but Thanksgiving is just 2 months away and I can't wait to have some more pumpkin pie ice cream.Chris was in the kitchen for a long time. Had he turned into Martha Stewart back there? Uwe snuck back into the kitchen and took this photo of Chris bailing the rising water out of his sink. As Murphy's Law would have it his sink started backing up about 10 minutes before we got there, and then right before we left the water was rising like crazy. It took both Chris and Uwe to be bailing as fast as they could to keep the water from overflowing. At least Chris was a good sport about it and it didn't interfere with him being a great host. Overall Astrid did really well. For the most part she was happy to be held by myself, Uwe and Kawena. The only mishap was when she threw up a little when I was burping her, but luckily it all landed on me rather than on Chris' couch. Chris said they call this "mother's perfume." That's a nice way to put it isn't it?

Also, now when we're holding Astrid on our lap while eating, we have to be careful to make sure she's not able to reach anything because she always wants to grab and touch everything within arms reach. This is a new development. She was able to stick her hand in my casserole before I noticed it. "Hey, what's this Mom? It feels neat!"

Speaking of reaching out and grabbing and touching things...
Astrid loves to grab my glasses. (Today I wore my contacts.) She once was able to grab the frames of my glasses in one hand and pull them off my face, but most of the time she just touches the lenses. One of my pet peeves used to be people with smudges all over their glasses. You don't look like the brightest bulb sitting there wearing glasses with fingerprints all over them. So now I'm constantly cleaning my glasses trying to keep them smudge free but before you know it there's a little baby fingerprint on the lens again.

Getting back to brunch at Chris'...
Amazingly Astrid also took a nap while we were there. At first she fell asleep in my arms and when I knew she was sound asleep I laid her down in her car seat, put a blanket over her, and she took a nice little nap.

It's nice to know that we're able to take Astrid with us and she's not a handful.

We all enjoyed our visit and brunch. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday.

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