Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Amazing Race: Family Edition

Even if we did let Astrid watch TV (which we currently don't), The Amazing Race: Family Edition on CBS is on past her bedtime. This reality adventure series features 10 teams consisting of 4 family members each that trek around the world for approximately 30 days hoping to be the first ones to reach the final destination and win one million dollars.Previously they've had teams in pairs (couples, relatives, friends), but this is the first time the show has families competing. Interesting concept.

There were two families with young children and we thought they would be at a disadvantage. However, one family runs marathons together and they ended up doing surprisingly well and coming in second at the end of the first episode. The other family with small children however was just too slow, and came in last and was eliminated.

It's a great twist and adds something new to the show. Can you tell I'm hooked?

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Laina said...

I'm hooked too! That's a great show, and the family edition is an interesting twist.