Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Astrid's 1st rain

It started raining last night and we had a real thunder storm. I don't think I've ever heard thunder that loud and consistent before. I woke up from it and it seemed to go on for hours.

Uwe was concerned that the thunder would wake up and scare Astrid, so he got up every 15 minutes to check on her. Our little one wasn't affected by it at all. She slept through the night waking up at 7 AM this morning.
This morning it rained on and off. Here is Astrid staring out the window at the rain falling from the sky. It's the first time Astrid has seen rain. When I took this photo it was raining a bit and there was lightning in the distance.

Normally when Astrid takes a nap in her aquariam swing I turn on the rain soundtrack (or the sound of waves) which lulls her to sleep. For today's nap however, she got to listen to the real thing.

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