Thursday, September 22, 2005

A sport utility jogging stroller called B.O.B.

Meet B.O.B. (our 2005 sport utility suspension baby jogging stroller).

Our pediatrician gave us the green light to go running with Astrid. Uwe was really excited and ran out and bought this jogging stroller for Astrid today.

It's rather comical that the stroller that Uwe picked out is called B.O.B. because that's the name Uwe uses for himself.

Many years ago Uwe and I were at a restaurant waiting to be seated. When they called out, "Bob", Uwe turned to me and said, "That's us." Confused? So was I, until Uwe's explanation.

It's difficult for many people to pronounce Uwe's name and then the spelling is phonetically different from English (in German the "w" is pronounced like the English "v") so it's just easier to say "Bob" when asked for his name.

So now when I hear "Bob" I turn to Uwe and ask, "Is that us?" I still think it's funny that of all the names he chose "Bob", but it is simple and easy to understand. When you say your name is Bob no one ever asks "How do you spell that?" Uwe and Astrid went running today in Griffith Park to break B.O.B. in.

It's really great for all of us. Astrid gets to be outside and gets a free ride. Uwe gets some bonding time with the baby. And I get some time to myself. Woohoo!Uwe plans to run with Astrid in the LA Marathon next year. Training starts now.

B.O.B. is a welcome addition to our family. =)

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