Friday, September 23, 2005

Foot lessons

Uwe saw Astrid's new teething toy and thought of the saying, "to put your foot in your mouth". In this case literally. She loves chewing on her new pink foot.

That got me thinking of other "foot" idioms such as:
*put your best foot forward
*get your foot in the door
*foot the bill
*starting off on the right/wrong foot

It's funny how I haven't been teaching in a while but I still think like a teacher in terms of "hey that would make a great lesson!" Uwe asked me if I missed teaching and my response was: "I don't miss teaching full time in the classroom per se, but I do miss teaching sometimes."

My one and only pupil at this point is my daughter. She's still too young to sit through long stories being read to her but she sits in rapture as I sing "the itsy bitsy spider" to her and do a little show with my hands. My Principal told me that once you have a child you make an even better teacher. I really think that's true.

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