Thursday, October 20, 2005

Up for grabs (literally)

If there's anything lying around or hanging in front of her, Astrid's going to grab it. Here she is grabbing the wrist rope on the camera.She tries to hold on and thinks it's funny.It's not funny though when she grabs Mommy's hair and won't let go. I have to constantly keep my hair pulled back (but she's still able to reach around when I'm holding her). She'll pull on her own hair sometimes too when she's drinking a bottle (occasionally pulling it out). A friend of mine told me his son would pull his armpit hair (good thing I have none to pull!).

Astrid's also started pinching. This new development is related to grabbing because she's trying to grab but when there's not enough to hold onto (like skin), it turns into pinching. She gets me and her dad around the neck or the arm. She pinched me so hard on the arm today that she almost drew blood. I'm trying to teach her that it hurts Mommy and is not okay to do, but I know she's exploring and just trying to grab whatever she can.

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