Sunday, October 16, 2005

Somebody's tired

Most people think that Astrid is happy and smiling all the time. Uwe and I have been trying to get a photo of her when she's fussing and grumpy, but she's such a ham for the camera, that usually as soon as we bring out the camera, she starts smiling. Today Uwe was able to get these rare shots of her.

For the most part Astrid is a happy baby but she has her moments, like today, when she's not a happy camper. When she doesn't take a nap (or in this case a long enough nap), it can get ugly. But being her Mommy, I still think she looks cute, even when she's crabby.

Uwe suggested we have a camera on her 24/7. =)

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Karissa (mommy) said...

Having a camera on her 24/7 is a good idea, but I'm sure it would still be hard to catch her in another bad mood. I think babys just know right away the moment they are born what a camera is, and know that they want everyone in the world to think they are this happy baby all the time. Ok, or maybe not. Isabella rarely is crabby for the camera, or even when she stays at my mom's house for the weekend. She always acts like a ball of sunshine.