Friday, October 14, 2005

An evening without Mommy

I mentioned in a previous post that Uwe made all the arrangements for me have some time for myself where I would be pampered at a spa and given a relaxation massage. Unfortunately when I left Astrid was cranky and hungry (we recently stretched her feedings out from every 3 hours, to every 4 hours) and began to cry. Uwe told me not to worry and just to relax and enjoy myself. He was going to take Astrid running with him and then when they got back he would do the nightly ritual of bathing Astrid, feeding her, and putting her to bed.

As I was driving to the spa, I remembered that I hadn't taken a daily photo of Astrid for my blog, so I called home to ask Uwe if he would take a photo of her. And guess what I heard when Uwe picked up the phone? What every new mom dreads hearing. Astrid was crying in the background. Oh the guilt and worry. I take care of her everyday and the one evening I leave her with her dad she's crying nonstop. Our conversation lasted maybe 5 seconds as Uwe had his hands full and didn't want me to hear the baby crying and not enjoy myself.

Uwe had told me about a friend of his who had a baby and the one night she went out with her girlfriends and left the baby at home with her husband, 30 minutes later the husband called to say she had to come home because the baby was crying nonstop and he couldn't handle it. Uwe said a nuclear meltdown could be happening at home and he still would not call me and ruin my evening. (Yes, I have a keeper.)

When I got home all was quiet. Uwe was sitting on the couch (where he usually finds me when he comes home) with a smile for me. Yes, he was still alive and still had all his hair. Uwe reported that the baby fell fast asleep after her feeding and hadn't woken up once.Here is the photo that Uwe took of Astrid. When Uwe showed me the photo I had to laugh because it looks like Astrid is in a straight jacket. At first I thought he had bundled her up in a blanket, but then I realized that Uwe had unlatched the holster on her carseat for the photo, but her arms are still pinned down, and her bib is on backwards. Classic.

It was a treat to be able to take some time out for myself and came home relaxed and rejuvenated. Uwe said it was nice to see me relaxed and that he wished he could get me a massage everyday.'s nice to know I'm loved and appreciated.

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Karissa (mommy) said...

I'm glad you were able to get out for a little while to relax. It's always nice to get a little "break" from the constant mommy stuff. Doug has watched Isabella a few times on his own for maybe an hour or two and I always have knots in my stomach. Not because I don't trust him, but I think its more that he does things differently than I do. It's hard letting go of all the control sometimes. I hope you feel very relaxed and ready for non-stop mommy time again. :)