Friday, October 07, 2005

Ultra Saucer Part II

I enjoyed my drive through South Central today. During the day you see families and many old, beautiful homes. You can imagine how it must have looked in it's hey day when it was a middle class suburb. But sadly many of the houses and the area have seen better days. The people I bought the Ultra Saucer from are a really nice middle class family that live in a house that's reminiscent of a medieval castle and they were doing renovations on the inside. A really cool house but because of the area there were bars on the windows and doors.

The family has fraternal twins (a boy and a girl). Astrid stared at the twins and the twins stared back at Astrid. The mom said she was selling the Ultra Saucer because her kids were crawling already and they'd rather scoot around the house rather than sit in it anymore.

And just like Uwe and I, the parents were avid watchers of Six Feet Under. The husband had pointed out that I'd be passing by the Six Feet Under house shortly after exiting the freeway, on the right hand side, so I was looking for it. (I really loved that show and I miss it. The creator decided to end the series recently.) It was neat to drive past the house. I expected to see a mortuary sign out front. Haha. There wasn't one, but the house was unmistakably the Fisher house. (I don't have any photos as I forgot my camera at home.)

Here's Astrid sitting in her Ultra Saucer (manufactured by evenflo). It's such a fun little contraption. I would have loved to have had one when I was a kid. It's made for babies that are between 4 and 12 months old. The seat spins 360 degrees and it's got all these toys and things to reach and play with. There are also springs in the base so your baby can bounce in it.

The toys include:

*a bendy teething toy
*a string of bugs, snails, and butterfly that spin around
*a caterpillar with 4 parts that you can slide from side to side
*3 worms that when pushed each play a song
*a ladybug that when pushed lights up and plays La Cucaracha
*an hourglass type toy that has beads in it and spins around
*another spinning toy with beads in it
*a mirror
*a plastic dome with a frog sitting on a Lilly pad floating on water
*a plastic dome with a butterfly fluttering inside it

I spent a good two hours scrubbing it and sanitizing it before I put Astrid in it. I even used Q-tips to get into all the little grooves and crevices. Uwe said he's never seen me clean anything so thoroughly before. But I had to since Astrid will be touching everything and putting her hands and the toys in her mouth. The padded seat sank down too low when I put Astrid in it the first time and took these photos. I've since adjusted the straps so she sits up a bit higher in the seat.
Astrid figured out how to spin around but preferred to keep her arms tucked inside and just looked at everything at first. It was a bit overwhelming but just as she did with her activity mat, I'm sure once she figures out what everything does and how much fun it is, she'll want to spend more time playing in it.


Karissa (mommy) said...

She sure looks like she's enjoying her new toy.

Girly said...

That's very cool about the Six Feet Under house. Since I'm assuming it's not actually a funeral home, what is it used for? It seems so huge to just be somebody's house.

Rose said...

I thought the same thing when I saw the Six Feet Under House. I couldn't tell from the outside what it's currently being used for, but it is huge.