Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gifts for Astrid

We received two new outfits for Astrid from friends. (If you send it, I will post it. Hehe.) This pretty little outfit with the rosebuds around the waist is a gift from Candi. I met Candi through the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) District Intern program. We both endured the intense six week training program and numb butt cheeks from sitting through long lectures (7 hours a day if you don't count lunch). We were also the first two students in our class to submit our portfolio of work. She's also a teacher. Thank you for the outfit Candi! Astrid looks really cute in it.
Looking up at the light. Doesn't she look like an angel? Trick or treat...smell my feet...give me something good to eat! Oh wait, it isn't Halloween yet.Pretending to be shy. You can't fool us Astrid. We know you love the camera.We also received this pink and white striped outfit (made from organic cotton) from Amanda. We had some fun putting it on. As you can see Astrid is wearing it as a hat. Thank you for the outfit Amanda! It's really soft and comfy. Astrid loves it.

Uwe had lunch recently with Amanda (who lives in another state), while she was visiting in LA. Here's how the conversation went:

Amanda: Is that your new suit?
Uwe: Yeah. How did you know?
Amanda: From Rose's blog. I read that you went shopping for a new suit.
Uwe: Oh my goodness.

Uwe says that Amanda reads my blog everyday. This is news to me since she's never left a comment, but it's nice to know that someone finds my blog interesting enough to read everyday. =)Uwe says she looks like a little doll with the indentation her cheeks make and her tiny chin. Can't you see her little mouth opening and closing like a doll's?Perfectly arched ballerina feet. for the gifts for Astrid. She's growing so fast that she can only wear an outfit for a few months before outgrowing it. Plus you can never have enough clothes right?


Karissa (mommy) said...

Those outfits are very cute, and Astrid really seems to be enjoying her new clothes, but what girl doesn't?

amanda said...

Hi Rose! It's Amanda. I'm still in LA, but moving to New Mexico in about 4 weeks... glad Astrid liked the outfit!

Angie said...

Rose, I read every day...just thought I'd let you know you have others peeping in on ya!