Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mommy's kisses

Here are some photos of today's afternoon kisses. Very rarely do I let my hair down during the day lately because Astrid has a knack for pulling it out by the roots, but today it felt good just to let it down to air dry after my morning shower.Good thing you can't overdose on kisses, because Astrid gets them all day and night.


Beth Mehta said...

I haven't checked your blog in a about a week and boy did I have some reading to do- you've posted so many cute pictures of Astrid!! And I'll need to work on that "7 things" checklist.

So what is Astrid going to wear on Halloween? Any Devo plans again??? My cousin had the BEST costume last year for her then 6 month old! The baby was dressed up in a bear costume and was holding a Barbi doll...and my cousin (the mom) wore a costume of the Empire State Building. So when she carried her son in her arms, they looked like King Kong climbing the Empire State Bldg holding the damsel in distress! It was a huge hit and very creative!! I have a picture of them somewhere and I will forward it to you.

Rose said...

What is Astrid dressing up as for Halloween? It's a surprise. Maybe I'll give a hint tomorrow.