Sunday, October 09, 2005

Gearing up for Halloween

We went to a Halloween shop today to look for costumes.Here is Astrid in front of the demons, zombies and ghouls. As you can see, she's too young to be scared by all of this.

Growing up Halloween was my favorite holiday. My brother and I would rush home and carve our pumpkins and then put on our costumes and makeup. As soon as it got dark we'd be off to canvas the entire neighborhood. We'd spend the whole night trick or treating and by the time we got home we'd each have a pillowcase full of candy and sore feet.

This year I would like to have a family theme. We walked down each aisle of the store trying to come up with ideas. They had some very "creative" costumes. I took photos of a few.
I can only see a bachelor dressing up as "Mammogram Man" for Halloween. I can't imagine anyone allowing their husband to "examine" other women. But I could be wrong.
Uwe said he would NOT wear this costume. Don't even think about it. No way Jose. I'm sure I'll see at least one person wearing this in Las Vegas.

Uwe and I briefly contemplated going as a doctor and nurse, but it would only be funny if Uwe dressed up as the nurse, and me as the doctor. Unfortunately even the "plus sized" nurse costume was too short for Uwe. Also, it would have only worked as a partner look and not as a family theme.This one is called "Country Lov'n". Yeah I did a double-take too. Uwe trying on the "Jumbo Rock-n-Roll Glasses". He found them next to the huge brown afro wigs. Over the top 70's parody anyone?
Can't you see Uwe as the OG (Original Gangster) with his faux gold bling bling? We found a cute baby devil costume for Astrid and thought maybe we could all go as devils. There was an assortment of adult female devil costumes, but there were only a few devil costumes for men and they were ridiculous. I'm talking cheesy, red, fake, pin cushion chest muscles for a male devil costume. I couldn't do that to Uwe.

So much junk to choose from, but nothing that we would want to wear. We ended up leaving the store without buying anything. I'm sure I can find something online for the 3 of us for Halloween.

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Karissa (mommy) said...

The Country Lov'n one is funny. Definitely not a family theme costume though, huh? ;)