Saturday, October 29, 2005

LVD2 - Pair of Skeletons

Today we had the champagne brunch at the Wynn. They have these huge, beautiful topiary displays inside the seating area. Made with fresh flowers and are all different (i.e., some had bananas, artichoke, mangos).

The food itself however was disappointing. It was the typical buffet fare that wasn't very palatable. However, they had a nice desert selection.

Uwe stayed at the table with Astrid while I went to get my food. While spooning something onto my plate I heard a baby screaming in the background. When I got back to the table I asked Uwe if that was Astrid.

Rose: I heard a baby screaming while I was up and I thought 'Oh no, I hope that's not Astrid.'

Uwe: Yep, it was. But at that moment it was me (who was screaming).

It's a joke but every parent knows that feeling when their kid is inconsolable and you're surrounded by other people and there's no where to run and hide. Astrid was really interested in my silverware, so I cleaned off the spoon and let her play with it. In the photo above I'm making sure she doesn't gag herself by shoving the spoon down her throat. She liked playing with it but she kept giving herself a gag reflex so I had to take it away.
Uwe put the spoon in Astrid's mouth like he was feeding her and she opened and closed her mouth, (like she knew what to do) so I guess she's ready to start eating baby food. I've been holding off because of the smelly poo poo factor. But Uwe and I agreed that we should probably start soon with pureed vegetables and fruits. (Currently she gets a tablespoon of organic rice cereal in her bottle mixed in with her formula before bed. But I read that studies show that rice cereal although easy to digest, and most Pediatricians recommend it as the first solid to start a baby on, it's like giving your kid sugar with no nutritional value except for the added iron.) I still need to read up on how much to feed her since they say you need to keep them on formula until they're 12 months old.

In the photo above she didn't like the feeling of the spoon in her mouth and so she made her "icky" face. Astrid playing with a water bottle. The cheapest, best toy to keep a baby occupied for all of 10 minutes.Astrid is interested in Uwe's drink.Don't even think about it. I'll make you a virgin bloody mary with V8 when you're older.

Astrid was pretty fussy until we finished our food, and then go figure, she fell asleep.Uwe and I dressed up as a pair of skeletons to go out to a club. The bones on our robe glow in the dark.

Uwe kept cracking me up by pointing out strange looking people all night where you couldn't tell if they were in costume or not.

We hired a nanny for Astrid from an agency that charges $35/hr with a four hour minimum per night. She was a very nice lady who moved to Las Vegas from Venice Beach, CA for her husband's new job. She worked as a full time nanny before she was married and has a 2 year old daughter and another baby due in April. I felt very comfortable leaving Astrid in her care. Especially since we bathed Astrid, fed her, and put her to bed before the nanny got here. So all she had to do was sit on the couch in the room just in case Astrid woke up during the night. (Astrid slept through the night so the nanny just read her magazine and probably napped a little. Cha ching $150 with tip.) The same nanny, Erin is coming by tomorrow night as well, so that we can have dinner and see the Cirque du Soleil show "O" at the Bellagio.

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Karissa (mommy) said...

I like the costumes!

As for the smelly poop, I guess I can't even remember a big difference between formula poop and baby food poop. I mean it all smells poop I guess. :)