Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy Anniversary (#4)

Uwe and I are celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary today. Happy Anniversary to us!The traditional gift for the 4th anniversary is fruit. Uwe being the thoughtful husband that he is, put together this beautiful bowl of organic fruits for our anniversary, got me this cute card, and arranged for me to have a day of pampering tomorrow at Burke Williams spa in Hollywood. We agreed to no gifts this year, but who can turn down a relaxation massage? (I cheated a bit too and had a basket of wines and goodies sent to Uwe at his office. Why do we ever agree to no gifts when we always get each other gifts?)

Uwe is out running with Astrid right now and I'm trying to get this posted before he gets back. Once we've put the baby to bed (after a bath and her feeding), we're going to pop open a bottle of champagne we've been saving for such an occasion (in the photo above), order in Indian food (from Electric Lotus), and enjoy our anniversary dinner and the warm Santa Ana winds, and each other's company, (remembering the past that we've shared together and sharing our love for one another), outside on our balcony.

Four years have gone by so fast, yet so much has happened in four years. It's just the beginning of a beautiful journey. I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Here are some photos from our wedding 4 years ago. This is "Feather Falls" a grotto in Descanso Gardens. We had been looking for a Japanese garden to be married in, but we literally stumbled onto this picture perfect garden where there was a harpist sitting next to the waterfall strumming her harp, and little gnomes (very German!) on the floor of the garden. We both looked at each other and didn't have to say anything. We had found the location for our wedding ceremony. We also had a harpist who played at the ceremony and at the reception.

(We're planning on taking Astrid there. Maybe this weekend. They have a cute little train ride that we have yet to take a ride on. This weekend they're having a rose show. Later this month they're doing hay rides, pumpkin crafts, and a costume parade. They also do an Easter egg hunt there for little kids.)
Descanso Gardens also has a Japanese garden. We had initially gone there to look at it, but it was too small. We were still able to use the Japanese garden however, before and after our ceremony. Before the ceremony the tea house was used as my dressing room, and after the ceremony we took photos on the red, Japanese bridge. The adorable little girl in the photo is Maya, one of my flower girls, and the daughter of Astrid's Godfather, Jeff. Jeff was trying to shoo Maya away from our cake table, but we thought it was cute that she was so interested in the wedding cake and was the first in line for her piece. After Uwe and I fed each other cake, I fed Maya a piece of cake as well.

I only need to look at Maya to believe that four years has gone by. In the photo above she's a wee little one, but in the four years she's grown into a beautiful little girl.

And now we have a wee little one of our own!


Karissa (mommy) said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Your wedding photos are beautiful.

Trailhead said...

Happy Anniversary!

Candy McGaw said...

Omedatogozaimasu! Happy Anniversary, though I am a tad late as it is after midnight. Posie, would you send me your address, I have a little something for you I need to send. Candy

Beth Mehta said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ROSE & UWE!! Was it really 4 years ago?? It was such a beautiful location and romantic ceremony! Have fun re-living it this weekend with Astrid! I remember your wedding well- I had on that horrible walking cast! And I still can picture you running in your wedding dress after those topiary-stealing ladies! LOL!!

Cliff said...

Veuve Clicquot, very nice! Happy Anniversary!