Tuesday, October 25, 2005

House update

I've had a few people ask me about the house and if we've received any offers yet. Whoa Nelly. We had some painting and Spring cleaning done before we put the house on the market. The listing went up recently as a teaser but the house has not been open to the public yet.

Today's Open House for Realtors was the kickoff. If you've ever found yourself driving through the neighborhood on a Tuesday morning/early afternoon and were puzzled by "Open House" signs, and why in the world they would do it when everyone is at work; they do it for Realtors only. It's done so that Realtors can view the new houses on the market before the public, to get the buzz started.

The house looks great. So good that I almost don't want to move. It's funny how getting the house ready for prospective buyers can motivate you to do all the little things you've had on the backburner. For example, a friend of ours painted the interior of our home. You've probably noticed from some of the photos I've posted that each room is painted a bright color. Well our friend left the top portion of the walls in the stairwell unfinished because he couldn't reach it with a regular ladder. We kept meaning to borrow a ladder and paint up there, but never got around to it. Last week it took a professional all of 10 minutes to finish the paint job. And since we had some painting done to the exterior, they did the interior touch up for free. So if we decide to stay here after all, this at least got us in gear to finally complete those home improvement projects that we always planned to get done, (but somehow never found the time until now).

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