Saturday, October 01, 2005

Brunch @ Cliff's Edge

As a thank you to Jill (Astrid's Godmother) for babysitting for us numerous times, we took her and her husband Bill out to brunch at Cliff's Edge.

They live nearby and we love hanging out with them anyway but we wanted to say a special thank you for all those times Jill has come over to babysit with just one days notice and saved us from the malady of self inflicted house arrest that a lot of new parents suffer from. We're really lucky to have a friend like her. Thanks again Jill!

Cliff's Edge is a quaint restaurant in Silverlake that's not noticeable from the street unless you know where to look. In typical LA fashion there's no sign out front and the entrance is tucked away behind a parking lot and behind two huge wooden doors. The Owner/Chef is French and the food is excellent. They have yummy crepes and everything I've tried on the menu from the rock shrimp frittata to the quiches has been delicious.

I loved the outdoor patio area and food so much that I had my baby shower there as well.Astrid ate their once, when she was in the womb, at my baby shower. So technically this was her second visit.


Beth Mehta said...

I recognize that restaurant- isn't that where we went when I came up to visit you?? The crepes were awesome!

Rose said...

Hi Beth. Yes, you're right. When are you going to come up to LA and see us again?