Thursday, October 06, 2005

I love NY

Our friend Dave sent Astrid this onesie from New York. Thanks Dave (and Michelle)!
We're also planning on going to NY next month. It will be the first time we've flown with Astrid. Until now we've been able to get around by driving but since Uwe has to go to NY on business, we are forced to fly. We can check our stroller at the airplane door so we won't have to worry about it getting banged up, and we'll have it while boarding and leaving the plane. Jet Blue however does not provide carseats or bassinets for traveling babies. This is a bit worrisome. The flight still is not full so we've been waiting to see if we need to purchase a separate seat for her. Will she sleep? Will the air pressure change hurt her ears? Will Uwe and I survive the flight?

If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way.

Sleep update:
Astrid woke up this morning at 6 AM. While I would prefer 7, I'll take 6 since it's MUCH better than 5!


Trailhead said...

We first flew with TK when he was three months old and I remember being scared about these things on the first flight. Here's what I did: The worst worry is their ears, and I suggest getting her to suck, suck, suck on something during takeoff and landing. (Landing's worse, obviously). The sucking seems to help equalize the ears. So if you can juggle things so she'll be eager to take a bottle or something during landing, you'll have a much better shot at getting through without ear pain. And the key is to get her to start sucking just before any major descending occurs. Also, our first flight with him was in December, but the plane was HOT. It sounds obvious, but be prepared for that -- I'm always surprised at how whacky the ambient temperature can be on planes. I don't know about Astrid but TK did NOT appreciate radical temperature swings at that age. Good luck and have fun!

peter Nacken said...

very little to add, but a little water spray pump is nice, plane air gets so dry ... and Julius actually enjoys getting his face sprayed ...

also .. we found that the worst part of the flight is taxi-ing after landing ... you cannot get up to walk the baby around ... get ready for a lot of walking around during the flight, which is actually kinda nice ... have Uwe do it :) he will get a lot of nice looks from the ladies :)

on one pacific blue flight (jet blue's sister down under) we had a great FA who would walk around with Julius for like 30 minutes !!!

Rose said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be better prepared now.

And as for Uwe getting nice looks from ladies...that always happens. =)

Girly said...

Is there any kind of baby decongestant? I still have problems with my ears on planes, so I always take Sudafed right before we get on, and it works wonders. If there's a decongestant appropriate for Astrid's age, I would strongly recommend it.