Saturday, October 08, 2005

An afternoon of shopping

We went shopping at the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills today. On the drive there we realized that we left the stroller at home, so rather than turning around and driving back home in traffic, I suggested we just carry Astrid.She's a good baby so it wasn't that difficult to do. It was more of a treat for her because she got to be held by Mommy and Daddy all day long. Uwe likes to hold Astrid over his shoulder like this with her legs straight out. I call it the Superman hold. Astrid trying on a men's necktie.Waiting patiently while Uwe gets fitted for a new suit.

I read about an American couple who traveled to China and while in Hong Kong the husband had a custom tailored suit made for just $340 US dollars. He ended up buying a suit and 3 dress shirts for less than $500, which included shipping to their home in the United States. What a bargain! Click here to read about trip to Hong Kong.

Even more reason for us to plan a trip to China!We decided to get some lunch. Astrid fell asleep in Uwe's arms when we entered the restaurant. Astrid woke up as soon as Uwe laid her down. Here she is examining my meatless mushroom burger. Quite tasty!

In case you're wondering, my shirt has a pic of Albert Einstein and his quote that says, "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." I got this shirt years ago when it looked like we were going to send troops to Iraq. Sadly years later we still have our soldiers over there fighting an endless war. But that's another topic. I look like I'm really enjoying my iced tea don't I? I wanted to show how engaged and interested Astrid is in what we're eating and drinking. I had to hold my glass up and away from her because she kept swatting at the glass. Uwe just happened to get a shot of me with my eyes closed and it looks like an advertisement for a refreshing beverage. Mmm...mmm...good.

We don't have a pic of it, but Astrid kept staring at the lady sitting at the table next to us. Being a baby she doesn't understand that it's impolite to stare. Luckily the lady kept smiling at Astrid and telling her how beautiful she was and commenting on her cute cheeks.

Sleep update:
Astrid was up at 5:30 this morning. Just when I thought she was back to her normal sleep routine waking up at 7 in the morning. I wish I could figure out what's causing her to wake up so early.

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Girly said...

And the suit and shirts arrived at our house last week ... they fit perfectly! The only thing was, we asked for one of the shirts (which was blue striped) to have a white collar, and forgot about that. But other than that, I can't believe what a great deal it was. : )