Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 2007! (Trick or Treating)

This Halloween (Astrid's 3rd) we went back to the neighborhood in Silverlake for trick or treating. They block off the streets so only pedestrians are allowed, and can walk the streets safely. The neighbors go all out with decorations and there are tons of kids.

This year was the first time I think she understood the concept of trick or treating and Halloween in general. It's also the first year she's shown fear of masks (similar to her fear of clowns).

She also LOVED her Veterinarian costume with all it's props. It was too difficult for her to pronounce "Veterinarian" so instead she said, "Animal doctor."

Astrid wanted to look at the jack-o-lanterns we made earlier today, (she would fuss if we moved her away from the window) so U. moved her chair up to the French doors so she would have a good view of them while she ate her dinner.

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