Saturday, October 13, 2007

Astrid at the Farmer's Market (La Canada Flintridge)

Pics from our weekly trip to the Farmer's market in La Canada Flintridge.
The nice Korean lady who runs this produce stand gives me deals and fawns over Astrid, telling me what a beautiful baby she is.
Here she's giving Astrid some washed grapes to eat.
We go through grapes like nobody's business, so I buy in bulk to last through the week. The grapes from the farmer's market last a lot longer than store bought grapes too which helps.
After we've finished our produce shopping, we stop by the tamales stand to take some lunch with us to the park/playground across the street. It's great because we can eat while sitting on the grass (in the shade) and once we're done eating, Astrid can play for an hour before we head back home for her nap.

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