Thursday, October 04, 2007

Am I walking my dog or my kid?

While walking the dog this evening, Astrid did a peculiar thing. This was after several (around 50) reiterations and reassurances that in fact yes our dog was going to go to the bathroom. As our dog was looking for the perfect spot to do her business, Astrid suddenly ducked into a foot long crevice in a wall as we were walking by it. At first I thought she was just hiding from mommy so I asked her what she was doing.

Me: "Astrid what are you doing in there?"
Astrid: "I go bathroom."

Me: "Come on out. You're not a dog. You can't go to the bathroom in there."
Astrid: "Okay Mommy."

She came right out without any questions.

Oh and on the latter part, I have to confess that I taught her to respond to me with "Yes, Mommy" or “Okay Mommy.” The first time U. heard Astrid say it back to me he almost fell out of his chair and said, "Oh boy." But hey it works!

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