Thursday, October 11, 2007

What sound does the animal make?

This is the conversation Astrid and I had today during the car ride home from gymnastics class:

Astrid: "Mama? What sound rabbit make?"

Me: "Astrid we talked about this remember? Rabbits don't make a sound. But they twitch their noses."

Astrid: "Oh. What sound horses make?"

Me: "Horses make the sound neigh."

Astrid: "What sound doggies make?"

Me: "Doggies make the sound woof woof."

Astrid: "What sound pig make?"

Me: "Pigs make the sound oink oink."

Astrid: "What sound cow make?"

Me: "Cows make the sound moo."

Astrid: "What sound Mama make?"

Me: "Mama makes the sound 'hi Astrid'."

Astrid: "Hahaha. Mama say 'hi Astrid'. Haha."

(That's toddler speak for, "Hahaha, good one mom!")

She's pretty good at identifying and imitating animal sounds. But then there are those animals (i.e., rabbit) that don't make a trademark sound - which is disappointing to the kid - so she then asks me if they eat and when I say they do - she makes the sound of eating - and says, "Rabbit eating" or she says "Rabbit move nose" and shows me how they move their nose.