Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Astrid wears panties for the first time today

While shopping one day I spotted some 2T-3T girl's underwear and I bought a 3 pack for Astrid thinking one day soon we would be using them. So I washed them and put them away.

Today Astrid spotted them in her clothes drawer and wanted to wear them. I didn't think she was quite ready, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have her wear them around the house during the day.
But at 10:00 AM when we had to leave for gymnastics class, Astrid did not want to change into a diaper. She refused and begged to keep her underwear on, so I bit my lip, crossed my fingers, brought a change of clothes with me, and hoped for the best.
Astrid has been progressing with her potty training to the point where her diaper is most often dry. In fact once when I was really sick with some stomach virus, my mom took Astrid to the park and then to the store and when they got back I asked my mom if she had changed Astrid's diaper and she said no and felt horrible about it, (thinking for sure she was wet but she didn't know where the diapers were - duh in my diaper bag) but when I went to check Astrid's diaper it was completely dry. So my mom was off the hook and I was amazed that Astrid could hold it for that long. She had waited to get home before going pee. (Poop we conquered a long time ago. She does that in the toilet every time.)
Astrid was so excited to be wearing panties. She kept saying, "Astrid wear underwear too!" and reassuring me that she would let me know when she had to go pee.

She wore her underwear (no diaper) from 8:30 AM until 1 PM - 4.5 hours total and to my relief she didn't have any accidents. I would check occasionally and ask her if she had to go, but she kept saying "no pee pee, no potty". But as a precaution I did sit her on the toilet in the restroom after gymnastics class and she went pee pee in the toilet (even though she said she didn't have to go). I didn't want to take a chance on her peeing in her car seat on the way home. But she did great!

It really is true what they say - when your kid is ready, they will let you know.

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