Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Park in Glendale (Cerritos Park)

I've been eyeing the development of the new park in Glendale, (interestingly enough not called Glendale park - but instead called Cerritos Park) on the corner of San Fernando and Brand Blvd. Today I saw that it was finally opened to the public, and decided to take Astrid there after her afternoon nap.No swings, but it does have this climbing wall.And lots of slides, both for younger kids, and older kids.Riddles for kids, with answers in Braille.

Q: What has three feet but no head?
A: A Yard Stick

Q: What is lighter than a feather but hard to hold?
A: Your Breath

Q: What do you call an overactive snake?
A: A Hyper Viper
Alphabet sign language.

Overall it's a nice park, with a grass area as well, and plenty of benches for sitting. Another plus is the restrooms are still in pristine shape. We'll be back.

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Anonymous said...

Hah! We have the same setup at our Duchess Park, here in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada!

Even the same riddles :)