Friday, October 19, 2007

Peggy Sue's Diner (heading back home from Vegas)

On the way home from Las Vegas we stopped at Peggy Sue's, a 50's diner for lunch (and a potty break for Astrid). Some cute pics below.On a side note: We carpooled with one of U.'s colleagues so I sat in the back with Astrid. I'm glad I did because I realized it gets really cold when using the backseat air conditioning console. (It sounds like a good idea but it's not necessary.) Astrid always says she's cold, even when it's 100 degrees, so we never know if she's really cold or she just likes to say it. But today I realized she's been telling the truth when it comes to riding in the car. From now on we have to turn off the backseat air conditioning since the back gets enough air from the dashboard alone.

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