Friday, October 12, 2007

Astrid helps me with the laundry

Since buying the new front loading LG washer and dryer, Astrid helps me with the laundry - both loading and unloading. At first she loved it and would run over to help me right away. Now it's a chore (like a job) and I have to almost beg her to come help me. Here is Astrid bringing her clean towels upstairs.

I like having Astrid help me with the laundry because:
1) it instills a self of work ethic (she can't just walk away halfway through)
2) we can do it together (while I'm doing one thing she's doing another so we get done faster).
3) I can keep my eye on her
4) she sees what I'm doing and understands that we need to finish before we can do anything else (rather than sitting in the living room whining for me to read her a book while I'm rushing to finish folding laundry)

To make it more fun, we also name everything that she's pulling out of the dryer (i.e., Papa's sock, Mama's shirt, Astrid's pajamas).

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