Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our 1st evening in London

In the evening we went to a real British pub & restaurant. The pub was on the first floor, and the restaurant was upstairs. (We found that after a certain hour in London you can't bring your baby into a pub. It's not allowed.) The dining area upstairs (one small room) was packed, but they had an open table for us, so I took the baby, and Uwe hoisted the stroller up a narrow flight of stairs up to the restaurant.

Uwe ordered the fish and chips and I got the chicken pot pie. The fish and chips were delicious. It looked like they cooked an entire fish. Not just scraps of fish rolled in flour and deep fried, but a bonafide whole fish!

We also had a little mouse keeping us company. Normally this would freak me out, but since it wasn't eating the tid bits of Astrid's cereal (that she was eating while we were waiting for the food to be brought to our table) that had fallen onto the floor, I assumed it was a well fed house mouse. When I pointed it out to Uwe (at that point it was sitting under another table), he said, "Oh who cares? It's a cute one." (Picture Cinderella's mice.) And we continued to eat our first dinner in London.

Back at home if we want to have dinner with Astrid we have to grab an early bite to eat around 5 so we can be back in time to start her bedtime routine at 6:30, but here in the UK (since it was still early in the US), we decided to let her stay up past her bedtime. When we got back to our London apartment Astrid had a nice bath. Complete with a shampoo mohawk.

After I put Astrid to bed, I went straight to my own bed. Unbeknownst to me, Uwe was waiting up for me in the living room, thinking we'd watch some British television or just spend some time together. While he was waiting, thinking it was taking me a long time to put the baby to sleep, I was snoozing away. I was beat from all the walking and travel of the day. It was a long day, but I'm glad we were able to see and do so much all in one day.

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