Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 8 - Vienna, Austria

This morning we had breakfast with Uwe's mom (in Munich, Germany), said our good-byes, and then were whisked away in a taxi to the train station for a long ride to Vienna, Austria.

Traveling by train from Munich to Vienna should have taken about 6 hours, but the train was delayed by several hours due to someone jumping onto the train tracks and committing suicide. It wasn't on our route, but it caused all of the connections to be delayed, hence the long train ride.

But the dining car was very nice and made it much easier with the baby. We could sit down at a white linen covered table, order food and drinks, and enjoy the scenery through the large windows in the dining car. This created much more of a relaxed atmosphere than sitting back in our seats trying to entertain Astrid for so many hours on the train - plus she loved the breadsticks. Bonus! We're staying with the father of a friend who lives in Vienna, Austria. Herr (Mr.) Geyhalter picked us up from the train station. Above is a photo of Astrid and Uwe in the front yard of the house.Frau (Mrs.) Geyhalter is in Los Angeles attending an art gallery presentation of her son’s photography, so we weren't able to meet her. But we were so touched when we walked into their home and saw that she had baby-proofed the house, had a real wooden crib and toys for Astrid, and had baby products in the bathroom for her. "Danke Schoen Herr und Frau Geyhalter!" ("Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Geyhalter!")After we dropped off our bags and freshened up, Herr Geyhalter took us to a look out point overlooking Vienna.A photo of our view of the city.

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