Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 10 - On our way to Venice, Italy

I went to bed early last night. Herr Geyhalter had me drink some really strong liquor with my hot tea last night. I don't know if I slept so well because my stomach cramps went away and I was finally pain free, or if I was just pickled. But in any case it did me a world of good.

Uwe stayed up longer and spent the evening chatting with Herr Geyhalter.

We got up early in the morning and Herr Geyhalter drove us to the train station.

We're on our way to Venice, Italy where we'll stay for 2 days before traveling to Rome.We're gotten very good at traveling in general with the baby. We've got our system down. I take the baby in her stroller with the diaper bag, and another bag (with food, drinks and books for the baby), and hang them from the stroller's handles. I also keep all the passports and tickets. Uwe takes care of our luggage (2 large suitcases), and carries everything aboard while I just worry about the baby and carrying her aboard.

We've started to call ourselves "Team Hook," which is a reference to one of our favorite shows on TV, "Amazing Race" where teams travel around the world, find the destination, solve clues, and complete tasks without coming in last, to go on to the next round.

Uwe and I have a shared wanderlust. If I tell Uwe I want to go to Timbuktu, he'll say "Okay, let's go!" Even with the baby we've traveled quite a bit. But there are still so many places I want to see.

Later on today we'll be in Venice. One place I've always dreamed of visiting.

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