Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Exploring Venice

Once we checked into our hotel and dropped off our bags, we couldn't wait to rush out and explore the city. "Forget the map, let's just walk around and get lost in the city," we said. A photo taken on one of the many bridges of Venice.
Here you can see the canal and buildings on either side.
Uwe was such a trooper carrying Astrid in her stroller over the bridges. Not only are there stairs on the one side going up, but there are also stairs on the other side going down. So double the work. Uwe's joked that his arms were going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger's when our trip was over.
We had a few hours of daylight left and weren't going to waste any of it. There are no cars here - just pedestrians and some motorbikes. Walking is the main mode of transportation on the island (and by boat of course to get off the island).
Father and daughter, both happy to be in Venice.
Eating a rice cake.
One of the beautiful cathedrals.A close up of the top portion which is magnificent in and of itself."Venezia è bella!" (Venice is beautiful!) Even the baby is happy to be here, and all smiles.

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