Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Play date at Montrose Community Park

Montrose Community Park
3529 Clifton Place
Glendale, CA 91208

Nearest Cross Street: Broadview
Acres: 14.5
Amenities: 2 Ball fields, Basketball Court, Children’s Play Area, Picnic Areas, and 2 Tennis Courts.
Gloria in the GAP sweatshirt, (a nanny to 3 kids in the gymnastics program at the YMCA) invited us to Montrose Community Park this morning for a play date. This was our first time at this park and what a hidden gem! Located parallel to Honolulu Ave/Verdugo, two blocks behind Kids Funtown (with Mervyn's on the opposite side of the street.)

If you go to this park in the morning, make sure to bring some towels, as the slides get pretty wet.
Here Astrid is riding Maisie's scooter (or trying to) for the first time.Both girls offering advice and encouragement.Determination.Getting the hang of it.The kids went off collecting pine cones, sticks, and berries.I was astonished by how well the kids got along with one another.

As you can see, Astrid was thrilled to be playing with other kids (her "friends").They all decided to pool their loot together to make something collectively.Picking berries.Bringing her loot back to the collective.The kids came up with an idea to make a "potion". They needed something to put the berries in, and so I gave them this empty Altoids tin to play with, and to hold all their berries.Group shot #1.

From left to right: Pilar, Astrid, Dylan (standing behind Astrid), Diego, Maisie (fraternal twins), and Lindsay.Group shot #2.

It's not hard to pick out the kid whose mom took the photo. (Just look for the biggest smile, and the biggest ham for the camera.)Playing with a found pine cone.Having a picnic!Play dates are fun. Definitely more in store in the future.A game of chase, tag, touch a tree, and a lot of running and frolicking.Kids can make games out of anything. Here they made up a game using the metal bike racks.

We had such a lovely morning. Who knew play dates were so much fun?

The play date ended when the older kids left for preschool. Astrid cried and was so sad to see them go. She cried, "I want to go to school too." Yep, she's ready for school.

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