Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kindergym Circuit Training

Astrid loves her new gymnastics class (she recently moved up to the next level kindergym class for ages 3-5), and although she's the youngest one in the class (she's not quite 3 years old yet), she continues to improve and wow her gymnastics coach.Here she is in one of her gymnastics outfits. Due to the cold weather, I put some leggings on underneath her leotard, and a long sleeved shirt on top as well. She got lots of compliments on these leggings, which are really tights without the feet. Everyone thought they were European, but they're actually Korean.Running and trying to catch Mommy.She's growing so fast, that I notice changes in her body. She's getting leaner (and stronger) and her muscles are elongating. That baby pot belly is going away too, and sometimes I see abs. I'm like "Where has my baby gone?" I think she's almost ready to move up to the next shoe size too - to a size 9. Gymnastics class has really helped with her coordination, strength and balance.
Astrid's turn on the rings.
In addition to just the physical part, it's also built up Astrid's confidence. She's willing to try anything and even practices on her own at home. I see her trying to hop on one foot, doing hand stands using the door, twirling in mid air, jumping off of things, etc. It's great to see that she's not afraid to push herself and she's so determined to get it down.The older kids in the class can swing and land on their own, but Astrid being so young (and doing it for the first time) needs a little assistance.
Twice a week Coach Carol sets up the gymnasium with different activities in an obstacle course fashion for the kids to rotate through like circuit training. It's great because the kids learn new skills each time and also keeps them on their toes.Listening to Coach Carol's directions. A little less assistance the second time around.Doing a back flip over a prop. Arms straight. Head off the floor.
Now over her legs go.
It was really amazing to see her tackle this new skill with such bravado. She absolutely loved it and did it better than most of the older kids in her class. She even kept doing it after class was over. Her coach commented that she had perfect form. (Now she likes to do it off the couch at home which isn't the safest.)
Coach Carol also said about Astrid, "Just wait until she starts school. She's sharp as a tack. Just amazing."
Walking out of class holding hands with her classmate Lindsay.
Don't the girls look sweet together?
When we have to part ways in the parking lot, Astrid always cries. Today Lindsay told her, "Don't cry when I leave okay?" A year makes a big difference. (Lindsay is 4 and Astrid will be 3 in a few months.)

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