Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Play date at Lindsay & Dylan's house

Astrid and I met Lindsay & Dylan (and their mom Carina) at the YMCA, through the gymnastics program.
Here the girls are playing dress up.

Astrid just adores Lindsay, a 4 year old (even naming her doll Lindsay and talking about her constantly), like she's the older, cooler, sis. As a sign of endearment Astrid likes to hold hands (as seen in the pic above).

Lindsay & Dylan's mom saw how cute the girls are together, and how gentle and helpful Astrid is with baby Dylan that she suggested a play date at their house. It was fun for us moms`to watch the kids playing and having fun together. And it's amazing how time flies on a play date!Astrid playing with baby Dylan, who is not quite 2 yet.

You can see how much bigger Astrid is than Dylan, but she's almost the same size as Lindsay (just with a baby face). So it's not unusual for people to think Astrid is older than her 2 years and 8 months.

The older kids in gymnastics include her in their group (sort of). Let's just say she's on the fringe of their group. They know she's much younger, but she's so tall and more mature and physically developed for her age, that they accept her playing with them. Lindsay described it best when she said, "We don't play with babies, but we play with Astrid because she's a big baby."

On another related topic - Astrid's become quite bored with her "Mommy & Me" gymnastics class and I'm thinking about switching her to the older class (with Lindsay) even though she's still not 3 years old yet. (She's too old for the baby class, but too young for the older class. But I'd rather have her be challenged than bored.) The thing she looks forward to the most is before and after class so she can play with Lindsay and the other big kids (4-5 year olds).

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